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Natural Remedies To Manage Type-2 Diabetes And Control Blood Glucose

The diabetes demon is engulfing the humans to a great extent as compared to what it was some years ago. The main contributors for the same are our changing lifestyle, inadequate exercises, inappropriate diet and also stress. As it is a chronic condition, patients are forced to be on anti-diabetic medicines for their entire life. If the sugar levels are not kept under control, there are greater chances of ill-effects to different organs.
So, it becomes important to control blood glucose in a safe manner.

Manage Type-2 Diabetes

Ill-effects of chemical-based medicines:

It is better to opt for natural remedies to manage type-2 diabetes the reason is that the chemical-based medicines are known to cause a wide range of side-effects to diabetic patients. Nowadays, allopathy doctors themselves are of the opinion that chemical-based diabetic medicines can weaken the patient even though they are capable enough to reduce the blood sugar levels. The herbal diabetes supplements for diabetics will not cause any side effects and they will also take the patient to low blood sugar level, which is even more risky.

Diabgon capsules: To control blood glucose, patients with high blood sugar levels are recommended to rely on the herbal remedy called as Diabgon capsules. Due to its effective ingredients, these capsules will naturally bring down the blood sugar levels without causing any side effects. Not just blood sugar levels, these capsules contain ingredients that can reduce the sugar levels in urine. By keeping blood sugar levels under control, these natural remedies to manage type-2 diabetes will prevent the ill-effects of high blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: To control blood glucose, following herbs are part of Diabgon capsules:


1. The very name of the herb indicates that it is a sugar destroyer.

2. The leaves of this herbal ingredient in Diabgon capsules contain gymnemic acids and saponins that are known for their anti-diabetic action.

3. The gymnemic acids are known to have the ability to bring down the amount of sugar absorbed by the intestines in the process of digestion.

4. It is also known for its ability to suppress appetite and as diet control is highly important for diabetic patients, this is an added advantage.

5. It is also known to increase the level of insulin produced by pancreas in a natural manner.

All these benefits made this herb the part of natural remedies to manage type-2 diabetes.


1. Karela is generally stated as the best remedy to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

2. Studies show that this ingredient has the ability to bring down the activity of alpha-glucosidase enzyme and this in turn, helps in bringing down the hyperglycemia that is typically followed by a meal in diabetic patients.

3. It can bring insulin-like action to the human body due to the presence of the substance called polypeptide-P.

4. This ingredient is also known to have the phytonutrient called as charantin that permits the glucose from the blood to be moved into the muscles, liver, tissue and adipose, thereby lowering the blood sugar levels.

The natural remedies to manage type-2 diabetes contain many other ingredients to control blood glucose.

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